Partners Programs

Hivish Technology allows you to extend your capability range into Web / Software development. Two models of engagement are available:


How it works:

Your company engages with your clients and provides Hivish Technology with overviews of the requirements.

Hivish Technology will produce customized Proposals. Your company will adjust the Hivish Technology cost price to allow for your margin and supply the client with the price adjusted Proposal.

Once your clients accept a proposal, Project development can commence. We engage with the client through you.


(i) Extend your existing client offerings to include Web / Software development, Project management and other Internet services.
(ii) Save yourself the expense of setting up your own in-house development team.
(iii) Earn an attractive margin on our services, structured at wholesale prices for your benefit.
(iv) Benefit from our experience, knowledge and expertise in web development

2. Referral

How it works:
(i) You refer clients to us
(ii) We engage directly with the client Benefits
(iii) Earn an attractive commission on own referrals.
(iv) Your customers will appreciate being referred to a professional and experienced web development team

Our Partners

Our partners are fully satisfied with the hard work of our team and
our friendly relations with them.


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